Moving Forward

Dashing UK wrestler Terry Frazier (the "Mean Machine") got some face time earlier this year in a UK Toyota commercial. Such a high-profile gig has got to pay better than a whole year of professional catch wrestling, and it's easier on the vertebrae. "It's so peaceful and quiet," he coos in the ad, "you feel you don't have to fight the city." But Terry got anything but a peaceful and quiet ride at IPW:UK in December, when he bumped up against portly Dave Mastiff, who is almost the size of a city. The crowd loved Frazier, doomed though he was, but I kept hoping for a last-minute turn of fortune for him. Now that a larger slice of the world knows how pretty he is, let's hope some hotshot director (I'm thinking Robert Rodriguez) will cast him in a 21st-century reboot of Mexican lucha libre cinema, where he won't have to wear so many clothes.


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