Where Hearts Were Entertaining June

I marvel at Gil Barrios, 5'9", 165#, at BG East, his unruly black curls and smooth cafe-au-lait muscle. And you have to love the uncontainable joy he takes in beating up the competition ... smiling like a tickled baby as he slams his knuckles to another man's gut. The hot young Brazilian embodies a lot of useful archetypes for me: satyr, big brother, joker, hustler, wrestler. My favorite Barrios match (at the moment) is in Wrestle Shack 12, twenty catalogs ago, in which he takes on Skip Vance, 5'6", 138#, the ideal blond bottom, ideal as a visual contrast to Gil, ideal for his indefatigability as a grappler, ideal for the bossy way he has of just begging to get his ass kicked.

The match starts well: Gil and Skip doing crunches together, alternating heart punches, till the punches get too stiff and they break form and start to fight. But the golden moment of this match for me is after Gil demolishes Skip (the first time--I did say the kid's indefatigable, right?). Both wrestlers are shiny with sweat, and Gil peels Skip's blue underwear down his legs, revealing one of the most hypnotizing asses at BGE. Skip says, "So that's what you wanted," or something to that effect--it's not a moment when I'm paying close attention to dialogue. Gil just stands there, smirking. Then he slips out of his own briefs, commanding Skip to kiss his proffered bicep if he wants to get beat up some more, and Skip does not hesitate in kissing it, the horny little masochist. And then Gil makes him pay for that kiss. Sweet. As a theatrical moment in soft-core wrestling porn, it is unbeatable ... but that is hardly the right word, is it?

I have removed some photos featuring explicit nudity from this posting because they belong to The Arena at BGEast, which owns exclusive rights to them.


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