Did Two Street Punks Just Kick the Fuck Out of the Justin Bieber of UCW-Wrestling?

When he is allowed the upper hand, he can be an asshole. Always keep a popular smooth-skinned pretty-boy humble; then he just might be somebody you can put up with for more than fifteen minutes. That at least is the theory. Having been whipped by Aron in his debut match, Joey Cantrell wants another crack at the guy, in a second Jersey-boy-versus-Jersey-boy fight. Back in March, he spoke on the subject:
I really can't stand shit-talkers, and that's all the kid is and does. He may be a little stronger than me, but that's it. He has no unique technique, and off mat he is just an extremely annoying surfer boy with feathered hair. I cannot wait to get in the ring with him again and show him up. I really can't wait. Geez, I could go on and on ...
Aron can be a particular menace when he gains control of a somewhat smaller, weaker wrestler, because sometimes he just doesn't know when to lay off hurting the guy. He lacks the mental filters that prevent a fighter from taking things too far. That and because he's sometimes a dick. And with his honey-tan torso and sweet boy-next-door face, Aron can do as he pleases and many fans will forgive him ... for almost anything. So Joey, still burning from a humiliating defeat, wants a piece of Aron, and he wants it bad.

Then into his life comes Twisted Torment, a guy like himself who identifies with the loners and misfits of the world, who, more importantly, knocked Aron clean the fuck out in his first match at UCW. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship. So Joey keeps Twisted tucked away behind the scenes, on standby till the last quarter of the bout. To judge by appearances, you might think that Joey could take Aron on his own. He's got the wrestling chops, the mat experience, and a tough guy's swagger, and, as for Aron, the guy looks like he spends more energy fighting tan lines than psyching himself up for a mano-a-mano fight.

Looks are sometimes deceptive. Aron may have learned most of his combat techniques off YouTube videos, but evidently he has a killer instinct tucked away behind his laid-back demeanor. For the first half of this match, you get a clear sense of why Joey might have wanted backup. Aron may not have a "unique technique," but he has loads of aggression, just frothing up behind his usually placid exterior. Some of you may remember an interview late last year when he expressed enthusiasm for striking his opponents. His win-loss record is nothing to write home about, but given an advantage, Aron is somebody who won't be late in taking it. His arrogance and drive to win over fans by beating up guys (by any means necessary) might be considered pathological. Joey gives him a good fight, but three-quarters of the way through this match, it becomes clear that Joey will not be able to take him down alone. So in steps Twisted Torment, and together the tattooed bad boys give the boy-next-door psycho a thorough dusting off.

I can like something in most kinds of wrestling (so long as there is some actual wrestling), and I like these three wrestlers' rough sense of play and their tireless efforts to spread the hurt around. If there's something a little bit vicious and disreputable about this match, it's okay by me because it's all in the spirit of punk. BodySlam once referred to UCW as the working man's wrestling site. With so many millionaires, sheiks, and other self-professed big shots in the pro rings these days, it's nice to see regular guys take an interest in drubbing each other for their own amusement--and not just as some Hunger Games entertainment for the masses.

The alliance of Joey Cantrell and Twisted Torment confirms the old saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." And however bad (and twisted) he is ordinarily, the guy who knocks the stuffing out of bad guys, however clean cut, "regular," and decent they may seem to the world's eyes, is a good guy, at least for a moment or two, while he's kicking some shit-talker's ass.


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