Vicious Cycle

A couple of months ago, in a private exchange, I asked Kid Vicious what his favorite match at BG East was. The answer I got was diplomatic, acknowledging the fine quality of many of his opponents, but in the end the name Frank Daly came up. The name was new to me, but it piqued my curiosity. I put X-Fights 27: The Rookie and the Heel at the top of my wish list. Even more fascinating than the unfamiliar name was the distinction Vicious made between a favorite "as a viewer" and a favorite as "most enjoyable." And then, there was a telling phrase, "the thousand moods of the V one": more than a politic evasion, I think, but an honest insight to the fickle nature of desire and taste. How difficult it is to single out, once and for all, a name or a type!--as if one type could meet every aspect of a man's desires, as if a man possesses only one state of mind in life, as if one mood governs all his erotic choices! 

All the same, I want to examine this one match. Kid Vicious is one of BGE's premier heels and the definition of what a sex-wrestling heel should be. In all his matches that I've seen, he manages to be seductive and menacing at the same time. He draws victims in even though they realize the outcome will be certain humiliation and destruction. But Vicious's control over opponents is no less adulatory than it is predatory. The well-hung brute disarms his challengers in order to draw attention to their particular charms--to set their finer features on display, even if that involves hamstringing them first. (Isn't it curious that the verb to "knock out" means both to "coldcock" and to "seduce"? American English was made expressly for s/m, it would seem.) Vicious literally sweeps his men off their feet, in every sense. If Frank Daly has appeared in a match before or after this one, it is not currently listed on the BGE website. But if this is his only bout for the company, Kid Vicious makes sure that it's a memorable one.

"This is your first time in the ring, eh, punk?" says the spider to the fly. Frank is wide-eyed and pleased with himself. "I like this," he says, getting the feel of the ring. "I'll like it even more when I kick your ass." The two bob and feint before clasping hands for a test of strength. Frank is more thickly built, but Vicious holds his own against the guy--literally "holds his own against": he thrusts his crotch up to the rookie's as if to say, "Test this strength!" He pushes Frank to the corner, stands on the middle rope, and rams his package to the boy's mouth. You can see Frank practically melting, but then he suddenly remembers that this is supposed to be a wrestling match, right? He strikes back and reverses the move. Now it is he who stands elevated on the ring rope; now he towers over the infamous heel. Vicious unashamedly devours the rookie's crotch, and then he busts the guy's nuts just as a reminder of who is still the boss.

Frank is not your typical bottom who rolls over and begs for it. He has a fighting spirit, and it's a quality Vicious appreciates in a potential victim. Both wrestlers have strong libidos and strong competitive drives. But Vicious will bite, pull hair, twist nipples, and stomp to get what he wants, while the rookie tries to avoid fighting "like a girl." It's Frank's concept of himself as masculine (thus superior) that Vicious targets and turns against him. For instance, you have to love the way Vicious uses the tip of his boot against Daly's nutsack to lift the kid off the mat. Vicious's typical strategy is to sexually excite his opponent in order to drain him of his self-control and, once the guy's guard is down, viciously attack. And once he's beaten, humiliate him by reminding him (over and over) that he's losing to a guy who fights like a girl. Vicious personifies every sense of his ring name: lewd, nefarious, and violent. It's hard not to love a heel like this.

"You look pretty now, boy," Vicious purrs as Rank writhes on the mat. Again, in homoerotic wrestling, the goal is not simply to dominate but also to exhibit, to put on display. Exhibitionism is not the prerogative solely of the victor. Both men are opened, splayed, and stripped for the fans' voyeuristic pleasure. Vicious torments Frank in a leglock and then bends down to suck mouth. He scissors Frank's head between his thighs and licks the shiny blue spandex covering Frank's cock. But sometimes he pushes his man too far, and the worm, so to speak, turns. When Frank straddles the Kid's neck and thrusts his cock to his mouth, Vicious does not even pretend to be repelled by it, but rather wraps his lips around it and works it with his tongue. After Frank submits Vicious in a paralyzing spladle, he rolls the Kid over on his belly and slowly (slo-o-owly) dry humps his ass, while teasing his earlobes with the tip of his tongue. Vicious is a pliant and receptive bottom, but no doubt the cogs of his brain are plotting vengeance even as he moans in submissive ecstasy.

When Frank pulls away, Vicious remains on the mat stroking his hard cock. The camera pans up and we see Frank, standing in the corner, sweating, the outline of his bulge stretching up to the waistband of his trunks. Vicious calls him in and fondles the bulge. Daly moans, his muscles quiver. Then Vicious slugs him in the gut. We've come full circle. The night's still young, and the wrestlers are not yet out of their trunks, though already the fabric is stretched so tight and thin that you can count every vein on the shafts and make out the mushroom-shaped heads. There's plenty more time for punching abs and licking the napes of necks. It's not so late that the wrestlers can't perform a slow-motion (but tight and intense) third round, not so late that, as silken seams stretch so that now even the urethras are detectable, trunks can't be peeled away, and not so late that, instead of a copout fade to black, the guys can't show us what the "X" in X-Fight is all about. So often in sex wrestling the fight is good and the sex is disappointing. Sometimes the fight is lame, but the sex is turbo-charged. This X-Fight covers both bases, covers and smothers and leaves you with a tart, salty taste in your mouth. "Most enjoyable"? Fu-uh-uck.

I have removed some photos featuring explicit nudity from this posting because they belong to The Arena at BGEast, which owns exclusive rights to them.


  1. Damn! What a review! X-Fights 27 is going on my wish list next!


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