Universal champion Timothy Thatcher, 6'3", 231#,  faces tattooed challenger Adam Thornstowe, 5'9", 207#, at the 34:34 mark in this video of yesterday's All Pro Wrestling Gym Wars. This match could fill a chapter in a coffee-table book about what I love about pro wrestling. We've got two strong, well-matched competitors in what is basically the opposite of a squash match, locked together in a high-stakes struggle, not an extensive storyline beyond the individual skirmish, heated but sportsmanly combat. The two fighters are totally focused on each other, eyes probing the other man's body for the next point of attack. Then there are the physiques. Thatcher comes close to fulfilling an ideal of mine: hairy chest, trim waist, powerful shoulders and back, sinewy thighs. And Thornstowe, new to me, is his equal on every point but the chest fur. The action is strenuous and continuous, loads of mat work, loads of sharp, raw, and thrilling punches, and a couple of explosive turns on the concrete outside the ropes. All of this topped with a swift, clean finish that establishes one man as the master of the other.


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