Two Fast Friends

Here's a match that meets my need for tag-team action this weekend. My favorite UK pro wrestler at the moment, Eddie Ryan, and the breathtaking babyface Owen Phoenix face a couple of first-rate villains in Behnam Ali and Impact Wrestling heel Douglas Williams. 

Ryan, 6'2", 225#, and Phoenix, 5'11", 174#, teamed up previously in 2011 (having fought each other in 2010, back when Ryan went by the name "Eddie Reyes"). Ali, 6'1", 189#, and Williams, 5'10", 225#, on the other hand, supposedly never set eyes on each other before this bout, which occurred in February of this year for 4 Front Wrestling in Swindon. 

Complicating the situation is the fact that Ali and Williams don't exactly mesh, while Ryan and Phoenix operate as a well-oiled machine. On top of this, Phoenix and Ali have had multiple run-ins with each other over the previous year, so "there's no love lost between these two," as NWA commentator Gordon Solie loved to say back in the day. 

This is complicated four-man drama with four hot competitors, high stakes (a crack at the championship belt, which Ryan nabbed ... and still holds), and a thrilling, nail-biter finish.


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