A couple of days ago I was worried about my fighting friends up north in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. I wasn't too worried, though. I knew it would be hard, with flooding, brownouts, blackouts, and the roar of winds forged by evaporating Arctic Sea ice. But I also know these guys are tough as nails. And no bitch named Sandy would get the best of them.

Yesterday at noon Axel reported to his Facebook friends:
I am doing just fine along with Christian Taylor and Skip Vance. We just got some heavy rain and wind here in western Pennsylvania. Some flooding in the cities but nothing serious. I talked to BodySlam Michael back home in Philly. The UCW house is safe, no flooding or fallen trees. Seems like Philly was spared the brunt of the storm; however, the city is still shut down. Roads are open, but no businesses are open.
Freestyle Combat League recently released a 25-minute video of Axel and Eli Black testing their endurance and jab in a contest to see who could stand the longest after trading blows to the abs. Since FCL is Axel's baby, I could see Eli perhaps having some jitters over hitting the boss, but in an opening interview he seemed totally unconcerned. He said he welcomed the idea of a gutpunching contest mainly because he was getting tired of mere grappling and submission fighting.

I'm not the biggest fan of gutpunching for its own sake (I am big on the coloratura of a full-fledged knockdown drag-out), but it's fun for me watching two great guys horsing around, no matter how repetitively, when they're as into it as these two guys are. (I might, however, be interested in someday watching a 25-minute armbar, but even then I would prefer it to be surrounded with some other moves I like.) Eli and Axel hold nothing back, and there's cocky banter between them too. Plus, at the end, we get some tips on how to work out our abs the way these guys do. Have at it, boys!


  1. I had mixed feelings about this video. On the plus side, I was really happy to finally see Eli and Axel together in a match. And as someone who enjoys watching a good ab bash, what better person to feature than Mr. Eli 8-pack Black. They both gave and received good blows, so no complaints about the performances.

    But personally I'd rather see that as a shorter segment that leads into an actual match. Otherwise it seems like a bit of a cash grab especially since the "cocky banter" segments at the beginning and wrap up at the end take up nearly 10 minutes in total.


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