Does This Outfit Make Me Look Castagnoli?

Over the summer I taught some extra college classes so I could attend a weekend taping at UCW and pay upfront for flight and hotel on a Christmas vacation next month. With the leftover cash I splurged on a pro wrestling memorabile: a sequined jacket worn by Claudio Castagnoli (now "Antonio Cesaro" at WWE).

As far as I can tell, Claudio wore this jacket exactly once, on the first night of Ring of Honor's Glory by Honor V show in 2006 in East Windsor, Connecticut. The promoter staged the show in a tent ... disastrously. 

It rained. 

The stills below are screen captures off my television. They depict Claudio's jacketed entrance at that show (with partner Chris Hero) and then (in the last shot) hastily retrieving the garment after their victory over Kevin Dunn and Kirby Marcos, aka The Ring Crew Express. Still the show's claim to fame is that the next night (in Manhattan) was one of ROH's greatest shows ever. The East Windsor show was a flop.

Given my fan history, it would make more sense to have bought Kevin Von Erich's jockstrap or a lock of Tyler Black's flowing black hair, but, as far as I know, neither was for sale the day I made my purchase. I was in a hurry, making up for lost time. What kind of wrestling fetishist does not have a fetish object? In the spring, I had started collecting autographed 8x10 glossies of my wrestling heroes, some signed in person at shows (El Generico, Maria Kanellis, Kenny King), some via eBay (Kevin Von Erich, Steve Austin, The Fabulous Moolah), some of which you can see hanging in my hallway in the third picture above.

The jacket was a silly purchase. I know that. I should be more embarrassed by it than I am, though. Frankly, I'm still a bit giddy over this undistinguished collectible. 

And it fits.


  1. I love it! I don't think it was a silly purchase at all if you like it. Of course, I'm also on a major Antonio Cesaro kick right now, so anything he wore is going to get me going. Still, it's pretty cool looking. On your pics from the event, I didn't think that was Claudio at first, because I forgot he once had hair. I'm so used to his current look (which is driving me a little crazy).

  2. Spittin' image! Excellent fetish object!


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