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Mein Gott! diese Schultern! Pete Bouncer's first GWF match in September, against another newcomer Pascal Spalter, renders similar results to his second, but better screen caps. Bouncer has been pitting himself against much bigger competitors, and looking really really good in the endeavor.  Reader Almatolmen complains, "The hotter guy should never lose!" But many would disagree. I'm on Almatolmen's side on this one, liking to see hot guys suffer as much as anybody, but always hoping for a sudden, last-minute Von Erich turnaround, where the handsome hero bumps off the heel with a "surprise" finish. 

I tell you I'm liking this guy Bouncer. I hope he's around for a while and gets some matches at German Wrestling Federation he can win. In the meantime, he puts on a gripping losing battle and makes me proud of my German heritage (not too proud, mind you, given the country's hubristic history, though in class I'm something of a syntax nazi). If any of you readers can gather any stats on this guy (height, weight, age, IQ), please send them my way--I'm working on an obsession I may need to nourish.


  1. I don't care whether the hotter guy is a heel or a hero or both on alternating weekends, he's the guy I'll always root for.

    I watched the first match and he not only looks hotter, he's got hotter attitude and moves. The only thing the other guy had going for him is bigness. Not enough for me! And just being mean isn't sufficient, either. You've gotta have a suite of hot attributes to gain my support.

    If you have two contestants of comparable heat, I don't much care who loses. But in an unequal contest, give me the one who sizzles.

  2. According to the GWF website, he's 1.91 meters (6'3") and 95 kg (210 lbs.). He has a brother Frank and they're the sons of a GWF executive.

  3. Real last name Zimmerman.

    Frank is the same height but thirty pounds heavier. Also handsome. Entrance dressed as a bouncer. Wears muscle shirt and tights for a match.Has a lot of the same bad-ass attitude, but less panache. Some matches on YouTube.

  4. I couldn't find Pete's age. Frank is 25, been wrestling 3 years. When he started he was also 210 lbs. His record (in 2009?) was 3-8-1. He'd been in three tag matches, none with his brother. One site had a pic of him shirtless. As impressive as Pete.

    I get the impression that Pete has only started wrestling.

  5. The only only Zimmermann I can with a management link to German wrestling is Carsten who co-owned a promotion company 2008-09. I can't link him to the brothers. Interestingly enough I can't find Pete in Frank's Facebook Friends list or on the list of a Friend with 348 Friends. Lots of other wrestlers but no Pete. It tempts me to speculate, but I'll forbear. My goal was to get an age for Pete. His Facebook page might have a birth year . No luck.

  6. Even though I'm one of those guys who thinks the ultimate wrestling match boils down to the hottest hunk 'o the moment taking a beating, I'm not opposed to flipping the script. I think Brad Rochelle was a phenomenon precisely because his huge beatings were balanced with matches where he was competitive and even dominating. It kept him from becoming a cliche, made him feel "real," like he was into wrestling and not just filling a role to make a buck.

    But the way the Von Erichs worked that angle was so over the top. I remember watching a match around '87 where the Von Erichs were feuding with the Fabulous Freebirds. They isolated Kerry in the ring. Michael Hayes hit Kerry with multiple DDTs. Terry Gordy hit Kerry with his "deadly" Oriental Spike, not using his mere thumb but using a metal stake. The announcer was all screaming and on the verge of tears and "Oh please, oh please--won't somebody stop this!" Kevin and Chris Adams finally ran out and cleared the ring (Mike von Erich was busy committing suicide at the time over the pressure Fritz had put on him, so they had to use Adams in his place).

    The Freebirds regrouped, then took the ring. Kerry, who had just been slaughtered with a succession of 3-on-1 attacks any one of which could allegedly kill a man, recovered, jumped up and HE shut the heels down, sending them scattering out of the arena. Tho I was, like, 7 and vastly preferred Kevin and Kerry to the Freebirds, I remember thinking, "This is bullshit."

    And that's the thing: I think the hunk who only gets squashed thing offends some people because it feels fake or easy (Rio Garza anyone? I think he and Z-man are easily two of the better true performers on the scene but each has the image of being sloppy and disinterested, which is then magnified by the fact that, physically, they clearly aren't). But the von Erich turnaround, too, can feel inauthentic. I think WCCW failed precisely because it became obvious Fritz was booking everything around his sons looking like gods, making the product unpalatable for any fan who didn't already think that. Chris Adams gave an infamous non-kayefabe interview where he said that was what all the other wrestlers on the roster were told. I guess it boils down to the willing suspension of disbelief thing: a person who's open to a particular fantasy sees authenticity and support within it where a person who isn't as open sees shortcomings.

    But on Pete Bouncer: if his daddy is one of the bookers where he wrestles, I hope he girds his loins. That edge didn't work out so well for Kevin, Kerry, Mike and David. Not at all. The match in the link you shared was hot, tho, so mad props.

  7. Like many kids watching TV wrestling in the early 60s I was a true believer. But when I was a about 7 there was this new guy. Young, fit, handsome, athletic, and with real chops. At first he was a winner against impressive opponents. I waited eagerly each weekend to see him. Then, suddenly, he couldn't win against men who weren't anything he was. And then he stopped appearing and he never showed up anywhere again. That's when I started thinking that there was something not kashrut going on. There was no doubt that he SHOULD have won most of the matches he lost. I was terribly disillusioned! I was always rather remarkably critical of that era's pro wrestling for one so young, but that caused me to stop watching for years. In the current time I indulge in a fantasy that I'm the Universal Commissioner of Wrestling Worldwide and I fix all that I think is wrong, but mostly I watch things on YouTube so I can pick and choose what to see and not be subject to the whims of those who do control the sport.

    BTW, I couldn't find any certain link of Carsten with the Bouncer brothers, his firm went out of business about the time Frank's career started, so I wouldn't push comparisons too far.


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