Big Star in Bethlehem

As predicted, Blaine Shutt beat Eddie Alvarez last night to win the 135-pound spot in the Valley Fight Series VII (PA Cage Combat) at the Sands Casino and Resort in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Blaine submitted Alvarez with an anaconda choke hold. He is now the number one contender for the MMA title, and this victory puts him one step closer to his dream of UFC stardom. UCW-Wrestling friends BodySlam and Axel were in the house to cheer him on and watch the action (and Alvarez) go down.


  1. Congrats Blaine on the win!

    PS, I hope you have enough sense to not cover up that fit bod of yours completely with ink.

  2. What do I look for in a wrestler? Three things: breadth of shoulder, well-developed pecs, and definition. This guy, like others of his type, lacks shoulders.

    Then there are what I call the puff pastry guys. Their height and weight stats look promising. Then you see them and there's no definition and broad shoulders need a narrower waist for the contrast.

    My biggest peeve is the Lords of Morbid Obesity. None of the above. Oh, there may be muscle underneath the lard, but what's the point if you can't see it? And their chief technique seems to roll over or sit on their opponents. Like watching a steam-roller on asphalt. Boring!!

    Muscular physiques come in a variety of flavors, from Rob Terry or Morgan Ryan to Mike Posey or Justin Gabriel. They're all sweet eye-candy. But they've all got what I want to see flaunted: flagrant masculinity. Shoulders, pecs, definition.

    This guy has definition. That's all. Might have exciting moves, but he doesn't entice me to watch them.

    I know that this is just my opinion and I don't expect everyone to share it.

    1. I appreciate your having your own opinion on this one, Almatolmen, but this guy's moves ARE exciting and definitely need to be watched!

  3. Not unlike most of us, the prior Commenter was just stating a preference, but by the standards set above, Eli meets 2 out of 3 criteria, and that aint bad. Of the 2 requirements met, he exceeds the typical. Almatolmen has a type, and the examples used are all great wrestlers, but pound for pound, not often I get to use that expression, Eli is probably the best fighter out there right now, just for the fact that he can take a punch and sell the pain just as effectively as he can throw a punch. There are way to many wrestlers that have it all in terms of physical features but can not fight worth a fuk. Eli's not the biggest guy in the ring but he is one of the most talented. In my case I'm liking Josh Steel from RH right now, he hits everyone of my buttons, hard, enough so that I can overlook his many wrestling shortcomings.


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