In Krushco's latest release, Krush takes on an opponent identified only as The Kick Boxer. The literalness of the Krusho universe is very nearly allegorical, as well as, of course, part of its charm. Krush is not only our protagonist's mat name but also his M.O.  His body literally pounds The Kick Boxer into the mat, weakening and ultimately submitting him. Outweighed and overpowered, The Kick Boxer, of course, is also in alien territory here, unable to get a "kick" in to his opponent, though often he kicks and thrashes like hapless prey in true-life nature documentaries. Halfway through this bout, The Kick Boxer rouses, in a testy show of aggression that takes Krush a few minutes to quell and, well, crush. It's Krush's methodical way of dominating and squashing his opponents that gives these matches their peculiar, chilly allure. I take his new red and black gear--chess colors--as almost emblematic of the man's cagey though bluntly aggressive stratagems. As always, Krushco presents a tightly focused and pure contest here, un-tarted-up with exposition, wisecracks, or gimmicks. 


  1. Thanks for that great review. It's amazing to see how Krush positions his body to maximize the pressure on the guys he wrestles, and you can clearly see that in this match. I also love it that Krush makes the Kickboxer tap to a headscissors -- and quickly. I love watching guys who have some fighting experience try to wrestle Krush. I definitely prefer this kind of real wrestling to anything else!


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