Picture of the Week

I snatched this shot off Tumblr. I like the hold, like the camera angle, like the precise moment the picture was snapped, like the pearly-whites of the victim, like the loose drawstring escaping the waistband, and like the diligent and intent "work ethic" of the vanquisher. Any help identifying these wrestlers and/or the photographer would be appreciated.


  1. The one in orange boots is Cesar, the blond I have seen before but don't remember his name. The photographer, my bet is its "Tabercil"

    1. Thank you, Tigre. Looks like we got Cezar concentrating on the hapless Bry Sullivan here, in a match for Classic Championship Wrestling on June 3rd. I haven't confirmed yet, but your Tabercil hunch looks right to me, too.

  2. The shot IDs are right: Bry Sullivan & Cezar. But it ain't one of my shots, and I've double-checked against what I have on file for the show. Side note: I currently post to Facebook and Flickr only, and I don't have an account on Tumblr.


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