2013 Resolutions: Jonny Firestorm

Jonny Firestorm of BG East
My New Year's Resolution is to get Kid Leopard into the ring so I can beat his ass and cement my legacy as the best heel ever.
Fact: I'm the best wrestler of this era. I'm the toughest, I'm the most skilled, I'm physically gifted (I'll admit I'm not as physically fit as I once was). I take pleasure in effortlessly dismantling whatever pathetic loser KL sticks in my path. I'm bored. There's no other wrestler on this planet, at BG East or any other "wrestling" company, that can give me the slightest challenge. Nobody out there is man enough, has the knowledge, the skills set, or possesses the dominance needed to compete with me, never mind defeat me. I'm a man amongst boys.
I don't think Kid Leopard can hold a candle to Jonny Firestorm. I want to prove it to him and the rest of the wrestling world. I doubt he has the stones to step into the ring with me, but in the off chance that he does ... you'll hear him beg. Beg for me to put him out of his misery.
I'm not the house maid, his protégé, his hired gun, or any of that shit anymore. I'm Jonny fucking Firestorm. I am THE man, and destroying Kid Leopard is the only thing left for me to do. Until then, keep watching the bodies pile up. 


  1. I have been beaten up by both, and I have to say Kid Leopard could whip your as s, you k now how to reach me if you want to prove me wrong


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