Have You Ever Seen DeWayne?

Friend of this blog Gary has sent me a link to another awesome stud battle, this time in Utah, featuring the tattooed awesomeness of Wayne DeWayne of Colorado challenging then NWA UCW-Zero heavyweight champ Tyler Cintron. Big Wayne, accompanied to the ring by Missy (wouldn't you know it?), puts up a good offense, gifted in the timeworn heel arts of vanity, rottenness, and overall aim-for-my-mouth-please Rocky Mountain virility.


  1. He looks SO GOOD in those trunks. Shame about the blue parts in the front and back though--I think the whole trunks should be that neutral color...

  2. Could those trunks be any tighter or smaller?

  3. This match does it for me. An absolute feast of pro wrestling trunks gorgeousness! I always particularly enjoy a match where both wrestlers, as here, are wearing tight, well-designed, well-cut trunks.


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