Revenge Is Sweet

The Marquis de Sade, not everybody’s favorite philosopher, once noted that revenge is based on lust. I believe it. Angry, take-that sex has been some of the best sex I ever had. Alfred Hitchcock said, more humorously, “Revenge is sweet … and not fattening.” These two endorsements of the dark emotions are pretty much alone in a sea of voices that roundly (and probably rightly) condemn revenge as self-destructive, more often exacerbating an injustice rather than resolving it. Its value as entertainment cannot, however, be denied--from Medea to Carrie, from Orestes to Dirty Harry, revenge has fired the imagination and fueled narrative suspense for millennia. And in wrestling entertainment, nothing gets my juices roiling quite like the thought “Now at last he’s gonna get it!”

BG East's soon-to-be-released Ring Revenge 1 promises to be an instant classic and, I hope, the first in a rich and varied series. The concept is simple enough. Put two men in a ring who don't simply want to notch up another victory but want, for deep-seeded, intense, and personal reasons, to wipe up the floor with the other wrestler's ass. Fans of one-sided smackdowns should find aspects of these fights richly satisfying, though on the whole these are not typical Jobberpaloozer  or Hunkbash fare, but rather fairly evenly matched showdowns between two comparably hot and savvy competitors. BGE seems confident enough in the new series' potential appeal to begin leaking photos and video (including the complete main event, pitting Aryx Quinn against Alexi Adamov) on its subscription-only site The Arena.

Having seen these matches, I can say thumbs-up to all three. The first not only introduces a fierce new talent in Kai Sotelo but gives us a look at a hard-driven and brutal side of Denny Cartier I had never noticed before. The second match is a grueling toe-to-toe killing-floor battle between BGE's resident heel-in-chief Jonny Firestorm and Tyrell Tomsen, recently showcased in BGE's similarly themed Wrestle Revenge. It's definitely main event material, perhaps even more so than Adamov-v-Quinn. This is a big-man-versus-little-man fight for the ages. And the final bout between Adamov and Quinn may force me to wash my pants once a day for the next month at least. I'm hard-pressed to say which of these two I want to dominate the other, and depending where I want to start and stop the DVD, I can have it either way, I guess. There's nothing explicitly erotic about it, just mounds of perfect muscle in barely-there gear smashing down on more perfect muscle. (Really, I don't need anything more than this.)

I'm not sure when to expect the new catalog (97) up and running, but, as noted above, you can watch Quinn and Adamov right now on The Arena. From where I sit, BG East couldn't be beginning 2013 on a stronger note than this.


  1. From the photos, I'd say that the first two matches look interesting, but the Adamov vs. Quinn scene seems to go off the scale for its heat.

  2. Denny taps into his brutal side!? I'm in.


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