Rusty and Jeff

Movimus Wrestling dropped a new original video yesterday, Rusty Rabell, with the beard (5'11", 163#), versus cocky Jeff Jordan (5'8", 165#). I haven't watched the match, but I have watched the 90-second YouTube trailer, here. These shots of submission wrestling remind me of the high I got in college, decades ago, exhausting myself in struggle with dorm buddies. It lacks the theatricality of the ring or the sudden impact of catch-as-catch-can wrestling, but, as many besides me have stated again and again, the sight of two fit but "regular" guys engaged in slow, heated competition in tiny gear has pleasures of its own. 


  1. I wonder how Rusty got the nickname. It's usually used by redheads.

    1. Interesting question! Maybe his red hairs are out of eyesight. Or maybe he likes "Rusty" because it chimes with "wrestle," alliteratively.


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