Honestly I can't see its ever becoming a habit of mine to link you up to wrestling promos on YouTube. But the thing that charged me up the most in this afternoon's browse through the Tube's wrestling options was this post-Showdown 9 interview with hot Dutch wrestler Sean Lucas, 5'9", 181#. Sean had just lost a tag match (with Joe E. Legend against Adam Polak and Rico Bushido of Red Star Empire) at Saturday's Pro Wrestling Showdown. No, I don't understand a word of Dutch, but I like the baritone flatness of Sean's voice. And I see a pretty cool camo hat ... and a stomach I should be punching ... and a face I wouldn't mind smashing against some cold steel cables wrapped in electrician's tape. Sure, I'd rather see the guy getting covered after an arm drag takedown, but today I can settle for this.


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