Hair Apparent

Bard extolled the fine points of BG East's Gazebo Grapplers 14 months ago, but I just got round to watching it today. By far my favorite match on the disk (which is not short on excellent matches) is the last one, featuring two of the company's best new star attractions, Damien Rush, 5'11", 180#*, and Ben Monaco, 5'10", 175#. Damien is in super fine shape for this match, looking vaguely like the young Brad Davis in Midnight Express, but with the arrogance of name-any-bad-kid-in-the-Karate-Kid-series. From the first second of screen time together, Ben and Damien look like they're primed to rip each other to shreds. The trigger for the actual fight is Damien's sharp-looking shades, but of course that's just a pretext for the two to rub the "manly hair" of their chests together (I quote Mr. Rush). 

These two new hotshots know how to thrust and roll their meaty sensuous bodies for maximum impact. Sexy as fuck, the grappling never loses its intensity and aggressive sense of competition ... more than competition ... antagonism. There's the expected ball-grabbing in the gazebo, but these two guys offer us fans a master class in the art of ball-grabbing, with Ben initiating the assault and Damien, complaining that he's getting touched "in places that don't get to be touched," retaliating in kind. 

I love it when wrestlers press chest to chest, belly to belly, and crotch to crotch, and this match supplies me ample opportunity to enjoy vicariously the bristle and scrape of hairy chests in contact. At one point, Ben's on top of Damien, pressing him hard to the mat, and Damien cranes his head up to snap his teeth at Ben's face, like a pinned badger. Later, when both men are back on their feet, they bump foreheads, as if ready to lock horns. 

Details like these separate what Ben and Damien do--through instinct and experience in private matches--from the coached and rote performances you sometimes see in eroticized "fantasy" wrestling, when fetching male models, on the mats just for the paycheck, it would seem, don't realize that the fantasy is supposed to be more hawk than lovebird. Ben and Damien get it. They know what I'm looking for and what I need, because, apparently, it's what they need as well. The pounding action is exactly the backbeat I need to my fantasy life.

* Note the correction in the comments section, below.


  1. More like 195 lb, but sure 180 is close enough


  2. That was one hell of a fun match to film! Damien is one hot guy, I'd have a rematch with him any day! ;)


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