How Much Can a Human Body Take?

Episode 7 of Resistance Pro TV (taped in mid-January but first aired this past Sunday and available in its "director's cut" here on YouTube) features three fine matches, two with championships at stake. All three testify to the rapidly growing importance of Chicago-area wrestling and, in particular, Billy Corgan's brainchild, Resistance Pro, which currently fills the role of a potential savior of mainstream pro wrestling. (State pride compels me to point out that half the talent in this episode originated in North Carolina.) 

My favorite of the three matches begins at the 17:00 mark and  pits outsider Mr. 450, 5'8", 185#, against Resistance's emergent resident heel, Steven Walters. 5'9", 190#. The crowd hates Walters, alternately chanting "You suck!" and "Cheater!" at his every move, beginning well before he makes any move at all, in fact. The fans are more squarely in the corner of 450, a mucho mysterioso masked (but not always masked) tecnico from Puerto Rico. 

What gives me hope for the future of wrestling is rock-em sock-em brutes like Walters, even though he's somewhat wasted as a jobber to put the high-flying 450 over. Strong and meaty the way I like, Walters manages to fight ugly and still look hot as balls.


  1. I love Walters. I don't really understand the politics of wrestling, but he seems like a really good worker. I wonder if his jobber-ness is partly due to how much he travels ... maybe promoters don't want to give wins to young guys who won't be around. He spent part of the summer wrestling in England and is now off to wrestle in Japan. It's great that he's getting this global experience ... hopefully helps him keep going in his career.


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