Love and War

In the Middle Ages, Valentine's Day was when the birds were thought to mate for spring--and people back then felt it was a good idea to follow suit. But Valentine's is not all just lovey-dovey at UCW-Wrestling. UCW harks back to an even older tradition. Eros, the Greek god of love and desire (Romans called him "Cupid"), was the son of Aphrodite and Ares, the goddess of beauty and the god of war. In Match 259, Axel and newcomer Private Jack Marino wrestle to prove who's the "fairest of them all," and demonstrate just how erotic a hard-fought battle can be. But then, like love in the real world, there's some outside interference, and things do not go according to plan. 

I am pretty sure that baggy valentine-patterned boxers do not play a role in either classical or medieval romance, though both those traditions saw desire as a tiny bit ludicrous, so it's perhaps fitting that we first see Jack and Axel in their least flattering gear to date (and, remember, we've seen Axel in a dirndl!) The question the boys must settle on the mat is who's the one fans find sexier (you are asked to vote at the end of the video)--Axel, UCW's original boy toy, or Jack, compact and hot in a twinkish way, with a mean streak a mile long. And, appropriate to today's "ownership society," love and war in this bout boil down to property and who walks away with the most stuff.

"Happy Valentine's Day, bitches!"


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