On his worst days, he still looked airbrushed to perfection. Justin Pierce, 6', 190#, caught my eye because of his surrealistic flawlessness. He had strong, beautiful thighs and shoulders, features of utmost importance to me, a face much too angelic even for Dawson's Creek or the boy bands of the day. Still it was his unassuming skills as a wrestling performer that won me over, exuberant when he dominated, heartbreaking when he was vanquished. He was the perfect height and build for wrestling. He also happened to be at BG East at a pivotal point in the company's history, his time there overlapping the careers of many of BGE's shining lights at their peaks, most of whom he faced on the mat or in the ring or in the gazebo. It's interesting to ponder how he would fare now up against the new crop of superstars: Alexi Adamov, Austin Cooper, Damien Rush, and on and on.

Justin versus DW
Justin versus Joshua Goodman
Justin versus Brad Rochelle
Justin versus Mikey Vee
Justin versus Patrick Donovan
Justin versus Adam Killion
Justin versus Troy Baker
 Justin versus Aryx Quinn


  1. I love Justin Pierce. Thanks for this. I think I bought every match he was in ... he was definitely one of my sure things. You're exactly right about him being perfection, especially in those baby blue trunks. They were impressively and surprisingly stretchy in front after the first fall of his match with Mikey Vee ... I need to re-watch that.


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