Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Very Competitive Situation

Yesterday Stay Puft blogged about Bob Emory on Inner Jobber, and I went, "Shoot, what have I written about Emory?" Nothing, as it turns out, yet Emory was one of those names I'd hear in the late eighties, and suddenly the TV had my full and undivided attention. He had a terrific look--here he sports two of my favorite aphrodisiacs of the era: black tights and a rat's tail. 

It's New Year's Eve 1988 in Atlanta, and Bob, 6'2", 246#, is wrestling Curtis Thompson, 5'11", 244#, for WCW. Both these guys are from North Carolina (Bob from Raleigh, Curtis from Charlotte), making the match doubly exciting for me. Emory put over big names for the promotion, dooming him before the bell had even rung. He was, as one YouTube commenter put it, a "jobber's jobber."

So I can imagine me in Pensacola back then, with noisemaker and split of champagne in hand, hoping to see him engaged in an even contest at last, which is exactly what we get here--and not bad either, good give-and-take action, with not a whole lot of drama, but a pleasant enough distraction from the commentators' incessant blather. 

Stay Puft's piece on Emory has clearer shots of the man than the captures above, so you'll definitely want to check them out. Puft says, "Bob Emory is a prime example of why, for me, professional wrestling IS homoerotic wrestling." And who would ever claim it isn't?


  1. Lately, I've been trying to do some catching up, in regards to people that make me think, "How have I not written about HIM yet?" (There are more than I thought...)

    1. I will try not to lag too far behind, Stay Puft.

  2. "...and a rat's tail." ... really?
    hmm... interesting!

    1. Ha! Well, Ray, there is a whole cultural context at work in my kinks, too. Does it clear matters up to say I grew up in trailer parks and on military bases?



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