Somebody on Facebook compared UCW-Wrestling's recent release [#304] to the "Squeal, Piggy" scene in Deliverance. The comparison made me apprehensive about watching it. Though I liked Deliverance the one time I saw it, I have not felt a need to see it again. Fortunately, love of UCW and respect for Michael Hannigan helped me through my qualms.

Billy Gunn is a loudmouthed drawling bully, but only vaguely like the inbred hillbillies in the 1972 film. He is boisterously sexual and gleefully cruel, promising to beat Michael Hannigan and then fuck him. I doubt we'd hear this kind of taunt on TV, not even in a mixed gender match, but then this is not a mixed gender match, and it's not, strictly speaking, on TV. Michael does not look terrified, victimized, or repulsed by the threat (or is it a promise?). That said, I would feel more comfortable with the setup if Michael also swore to plow Billy's ass if the victory is his, just to clear the air about what we're supposed to be looking at here.

In his debut, Billy comes on like gangbusters. From the beginning, he easily dominates his opponent, adding, as an aside, that he's eaten bacon bigger than Hannigan. Still he finds Michael "purdy," and he's dead set on grabbing that lily-white ass. First impressions are that Billy wants to be the redneck C.J. Devastation--unreservedly raunchy and fearless as a honey badger. He takes an easy and quick lead, but soon finds that Michael knows a few tricks, too.

Michael Hannigan's pleasant good looks and easygoing manner make him an ideal victim. In his debut he was senselessly attacked by Twisted Torment while minding his business at the state park one day. He's just come off of a heated feud (mostly verbal) with Damien. And he was Quinn Harper's and Eli Black's whipping boy in a recent tag-team event. Over time Michael has developed his fighting skills at the feet of UCW co-owner Axel, but still what we usually remember about him is how beautifully he suffers.

With training and experience, however, Michael has developed a nasty side that's fun to watch too. I like the way he bares his teeth while slamming his knee to Billy's spinal column. Given the upper hand, the guy enjoys reversing the usual power dynamic and heaping pain and humiliation on his opponents. "Woo-hoo doggie, you cheat like a bitch!" Billy exclaims, with sadomasochistic relish and a hint of respect. Michael beats Billy down to the mat and starts choking him. Then he sits on the guy's face and starts twisting his nipples. Billy doesn't know whether to power out or lie back and enjoy the attention.

Billy is the latest in a long line of comic heels at UCW (Joker, Black Dragon, Angel Estrada, Eli Black, and Quinn Harper), and like his predecessors he extemporizes nonstop patter from beginning to end. It's an accomplishment to come off this large in a debut. Usually a new wrestler needs time to warm up, find his niche. Gunn hits the road running, and his tactics are assured and well applied. Nobody else delivers a teabag skull-fuck with this much horndog gusto. The horny doughboy does a great job of suffering too, as Michael puts him through the grinder through most of the video's middle third.  

I'm sure there's a fan base that's been waiting for the arrival of somebody like Billy Gunn. It would be a hoot to see him turn babyface and side with Nick Diesel against the likes of Eli and Quinn. A one-on-one contest with Joker would be classic and bizarre at the same time. And it's exciting to watch Michael Hannigan explore his heel tendencies. I want him to remain a babyface--UCW needs at least a few do-gooders in a sea of heels--but one with the balls to go as dirty and low as the situation requires. 


  1. Great breakdown of the match! Can't wait to see it!


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