Here are ten choice shots of BG East wrestlers who know how to leave a big impression and the men they have left an impression on. I like watching pro wrestlers play their opponents like percussion instruments. I can't say why, for sure, but I suspect it's the intensity of the attention being paid to the victim and being demanded of the victim. Putting your foot on somebody is an expression of utter contempt, yet it's tightly focused on the party being humbled and an intense experience for both giver and receiver. A good stiff stomp may not be a metaphor for a good stiff fuck, but the smacks and resulting grunts are similar enough for the onlooker, if not for the participants. Apart from pro wrestling, foot stomping is not a typical fighting technique between men in singles combat, maybe for the same unspoken reasons Samuel L. Jackson wouldn't give a guy a foot massage.

Trent Blayze on Darius in Muscle Madness 1 

Aryx Quinn on Joshua Goodman in Summer Sizzlers 4+
Joe Robbins on Trent Blayze in Pec Bash 2
Austin Cooper on Rio Garza in Demolition 16
Tatum Riggs on Brad Barnes in Hunkbash 14 
Chace LaChance on Brad Barnes in Pec Bash 2
Skotch English on Mitch Colby in Ringwars 21
Dev Michaels on Austin Cooper in Hunkbash 14 
Chace LaChance on Braden Charron in Summer Sizzlers 4+ 
Austin Cooper on Mister E in Demolition 16


  1. Pic #1 features the extra ingredient that so turns me on: Trent Blayze's look of focused indignation as he prepares to stomp. Yeah, Gertrude Stein's dance partner got it right, a stomp is a stomp is a stomp. Still, when I'm dreaming about a dreamboat's boot preparing to come down on helpless me, I hope I've retained consciousness long enought to see a stud like Trent (or is it Matt Damon here?) staring at me with attention.

  2. Or maybe you might like to see me put my boot to your abs Brad.

  3. Picture #10 is so freakin Hot! The sexy handsome stud Mr. E trapped in the ropes upside down getting stomped by Austin Cooper! I would love to have worshiped Mr E's sexy studly jock body after that match!


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