Juicy Chunks of Beef

Movimus calls its latest release a "battle of the beef." Both wrestlers weigh in on either side of the 200-pound mark. Brock Hammer, 6'2", 215#, has the size and experience advantage, as well as a seemingly unscalable ego. Right off the bat, Brock lets Travis Carter, 5'8", 190#, know that he's doing the rookie a favor just by stepping on the mat with him. Carter is a tough enough cookie, though. It's a fifteen-minute first round, so neither grappler rolls over and plays dead for the other, and by the end both these guys are sweating buckets. 

In a break in the action at its intensest, late in the match, the two separate, and Brock reels as if about to lose consciousness and slips to one knee. Yet the fight continues with no time-out. It's a standout moment, illustrating the contest's intensity and Brock's durability--he's not all talk, after all. As predicted, Brock dominates Travis for most of the match. He taunts his adversary for being out of shape, for having no hair on his chest and belly, for having no tan. Out of frustration, Travis starts grabbing Brock's thick, stylishly cut hair by the fistful, and for a few seconds it looks like we may have a male catfight on our hands.

Skinny-boy wrestlers have speed and acrobatics, but I like when slamming a man to the mat is a seismic occurrence. Brock and Travis give me what I crave--agonized groans and earth tremors, sweaty clenches, live burials under dense, flexing, and flailing man-bodies.


  1. Joe have you ever had the chance to watch the first match between Brock Hammer against Max Anderson? Brock completely destroys Max in the match and also trash talks Max during the entire match as he dominates him. Definitely a must-watch if you haven't seen it.

    1. No, Dan, I have not watched Brock-versus-Max. Not yet. Thanks for telling me about it. Apparently I do have a reason to go on living.


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