Beyond Honor

This match has four false finishes, revving up the savvy and already pumped-up Beyond Wrestling audience for the final pin. Matt Taven, 6'2", 212#, Ring of Honor TV champion, takes on the powerful and oddly charismatic New England indy wrestler Dave Cole, 6'2", 187#. Although it's neither wrestler's most brutal contest, this All Killer main event is heaps of fun to watch, pitting two of my favorite vainglorious heels against each other--and matching long hair with skinhead (and long pants with square cuts--and bronzer tan with clam-white) for a dramatic study in contrasts. Big guys, the both of them, but not too big to resort to hair-pulling and outside help for cheap advantage--yet, to top it all off, the fight ends with a show of mutual respect--always weirdly heartwarming for me. If I wrestled, both these bad boys would be on my bucket list. As it is, I'd love to see them both at Beyond Wrestling live someday. Matt and Dave ride the borderlines of nasty to fascinate and appall the fans.


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