The happy ending to the story is that this week wrestler Skip Vance was able to raise the money he needs to pay for his meds during the three-month wait period before his new insurance kicks in. He raised the cash via Facebook and PayPal after GoFundMe pulled his appeal from its site for being too sexually suggestive. What made Skip's page too hot for GoFundMe? He offered to wrestle big-buck contributors. I have no reason to doubt Skip's word for it that this and only this is what GoFundMe found dirty. My point is that here's another instance where wrestling gets played both ways. Tell straight guys you think wrestling's sexy, and they think you've got a dirty mind. They act like wrestling is no more erotic than softball, even as they hang posters of WWE Divas on their bedroom walls. Tell people you'll wrestle them to get the meds you need, and watch who starts getting a dirty mind. My hunch is that Skip could have offered to get in the boxing or MMA ring with his biggest contributors without a peep from GoFundMe. Wrestling is a sport like any other ... except there are few other sports as sensual, slick, and stimulating--but that's a fact the non-kink world acknowledges only when it's convenient for them to do so.

Let me attempt to further clarify. For some of us (me, for instance), wrestling is erotic without being a penetrative sex act--like some modern dance or figure drawing. (I'm supposing that GoFundMe would not consider funding modern dancers in thongs or nude figure models to be soliciting for the sake of prostitution. Just an assumption.) The stimulation can be purely visual or ejaculatory, but erotic either way. Others see wrestling as erotic only in conjunction with penetration--as foreplay, for instance, or in some other combination with penetrative sex. Still others refuse to see wrestling as in any way erotic--with many (but not all of these) making exceptions for women and gay men. That is, they contend that wrestling, like showers in military barracks, is made erotic by the presence of a gay gaze. Dirty-mindedness befouls (they say) a perfectly innocent activity. They have a point. Eros is in the perceiver's mind. My question is Who exactly has the dirty mind when the mere thought of gay people in the military, in Boy Scouts, or on the wrestling mat becomes so shocking that it must be censored or banned?


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