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Rock Hard's DVD sale ends a minute before midnight tonight (Pacific Time Zone, USA). For the time being, you can get 30% off any and all DVDs from catalogs 1 through 13. The sale does not apply to downloads. Each disk contains two full matches. See the debuts of Austin Cooper, Jake Jenkins, Eli Black, Josh Steel, and other fan favorites. And, always a maker of lists, I couldn't resist listing my favorites of the matches I've seen from the available catalogs. Here they are:

Jake Jenkins versus Austin Cooper, Catalog 13--the honeymoon had to end sometime, and it could not have ended harder or wetter for Jake and Austin

Josh Steel versus Brodie Fisher, Catalog 12--the catalog description had me at the phrase "teen muscle scuffle," and Josh solidifies his standing as the best O-face in wrestling

Ethan Andrews versus Josh Steel, Catalog 11--RHW gave Ethan first crack at blond pretty-boy Josh, and nobody cracked him better

Tyler Reeves versus Max Powers, Catalog 7--pretty much my definition of sweaty skinhead on skinhead action

Lucas Payne versus Trent Novak, Catalog 6--Lucas lays claim to his best conquest in Trent

Austin Cooper and Jake Jenkins versus Trent Novak and Cliff Johnson, Catalog 6--not RHW's first tag-team contest, but my favorite, cementing my devotion to Coop and Jenks

Jake Jenkins versus Eli Black, Catalog 8--Eli's auspicious debut, and the rest, as they say, is history

Tyler Reeves versus Cody Nelson, Catalog 2--Tyler and Cody were my early favorites at Rock Hard, pre-Austin, pre-Eli, pre-Jake, and pre-Josh. Where did they go?

Ethan Andrews versus Tyler Reeves, Catalog 3--the first of three historic run-ins between Ethan and Tyler

Travis Storm versus Cody Nelson, Catalog 4--Cody delivers an epic beatdown, but in this shot the blond-haired, blue-eyed rookie yucks it up while he can


  1. Aw, now you've done it, Joe: Your reference to Josh Steel and his championship O-faces has got me rummaging through my files this afternoon, looking for worthy competitors. I'm kinda surprised that Wrestling Arsenal hasn't assembled a worthy collection ... okay, so now lemme add a couple more engorged hours of perusing WA's archives to my afternoon tasks.

    1. Happy hunting, Brad. I look forward to your engorged perusal's (um) outcome.


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