The Dream Card: BG East 2013

In 2012 I came up with a two-night card (here and here) for BG East dream matches. This year I honed the list down to seven matches with an intermission, two of them repeats from last year, but, in my defense, they are perfect. These are the matches that I am chomping at the bit to see--most are in the realm of possibility, I would think, all would make damn fine contests, with enough variety to keep it all exciting, from start to finish. Again, these reflect my tastes, and perhaps not yours, and to spare the world too much lusciousness, I would be content if these guys simply showed up at my house for a private all-nighter. (I've got the beers!) For a big-scale production, I'd want Kid Vicious and Ethan Axel Andrews alternating as refs, with Eli Black and Kid Leopard at ringside for commentary. (Me, I'd be the flamboyant heel manager of Cooper, Tomsen, and Karisma. And, yeah, I know ... for some reason I'm big on BG East this week ... take that as you will.)

Attila Dynasty versus Jake Jenkins  

Greg Garrett versus Rafe Sanchez 

Austin Cooper versus Gil Barrios

Tyrell Tomsen versus Alexi Adamov "Loser-Has-to-Smile-Big-for-the-Camera Match"


Cage Thunder versus Damien Rush "Mask-vs-Hair Match"

Dev Michaels versus Muscle Mask 

Kid Karisma versus Aryx Quinn "Steel Cage Match"


  1. Anything with Dynasty or Adamov is a dream in my book.


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