Brian is an Army captain, trained in military hand-to-hand combat. His approach to wrestling is basic sit-on-a-guy-and-break-his-balls strategy. He has no respect for Krush's Asian embellishments on the raw act of submission, domination, and destruction. Five years ago, the two met in a 12-minute match that fast became a Krushco favorite. Today both men are bigger, mouthier, and meaner than they were back then.

It takes Krush five minutes to submit Brian at the beginning of this 33-minute rematch. Less than three minutes later Brian taps Krush out in a fast and feisty second round. In the third round, the two rugged athletes start to throw punches and kick, and heave and roar atop each other, more monuments than men. A scissors submission on Brian brings this round to a bitter close, both men left gasping for air--and not for the last time in this strenuous battle of brawn and willpower.

All this is a warmup for the heart of the battle. The two men stand toe to toe, riling each other up with challenges and insults. Brian derides Krush's "jujitsu wussy-type moves," boasting of his own superior size and strength. "Then why did you lose two bouts so far?" snaps Krush, contemptuously. The ensuing shoving match leads to a lockup that soon drives the two men to the mat, deadlocked in a double headscissors hold, blindly trading punches to the exposed midsections. Headlocks, chokes, headbutts, and sweaty chest-to-chest clenches ensue, along with some surprising reversals, cheap (or cheap-ish) shots, and acts of pure desperation, as these two veterans wear and tear each other down--and Krush gets cockier and ornerier with each passing minute.


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