Movimus has embarked on a 60-day fundraising campaign at indiegogo to support increasing its wrestling video output for 2014. A minimum of $21,000 is needed for projected expenses such as shooting and editing costs, fees for wrestlers (strapping young men who know what to do on a wrestling mat do not simply drop from the sky, you know), and technical upgrades to the Movimus web site. As the company's indiegogo page points out, Movimus is a major income source for the wrestlers, many of them college students, "enabling them to move on to bigger and better things." 

I volunteered to put the word out here to you wrestling fans that visit Ringside at Skull Island from time to time, and I also plan to contribute as soon as Santa drops some extra cash on me, hopefully before the January 13, 2014, deadline. Movimus wants to give back, too. Gifts for contributing at four levels from $75 to $500 include video downloads, DVDs and Blu-Ray disks, autographed articles from the wrestlers, and invitations to watch a video-shoot live and in person in New York City. 

For the past year, Movimus has been a valuable new addition to the growing lineup of online wrestling companies. It quickly made a distinctive mark among the competition by introducing exciting new talent and coaxing young grappling studs like Max Anderson out of "retirement." Its high-definition video and audio work lets us enjoy every drop of sweat and every infuriated growl. And let's not forget that, thanks to Movimus, the captivating early work of Anderson, Mikey Hanlon, Patrick Donovan, Axel, and Swage, once lost, is again available for us all to enjoy. 


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