rip-snort-er noun something extraordinary; one that is remarkable for strength, intensity, or excellence. Thought to be of mid-19th c. rural American origin, perhaps coined by Davy Crockett, reportedly first to use the word
Bodyslam planned something extraordinary for Aron's long-awaited return to the UCW mats, half a year after the hit-and-run accident that put the wrestler on hiatus. Video #322 is a rip-and-strip match between Aron and Axel. This is a big (or biggish) step for the company--and, needless to say, for Aron and Axel too.

Unexpectedly, Axel is the one who has second thoughts about the plan, but then Aron accuses him of being a chicken and points the way to the door if the crowd-pleasing ex-champ hasn't the balls to follow through on the deal. Never one to back down from just about anything, Axel replies, "I'm game," with amused skepticism. "What are the rules?"

"We go for real, I guess, and the loser gets stripped," Aron replies simply. Pretty exciting, huh? Two cute, young freestyle wrestlers, taking each other on in a "for real" contest, and somebody walks away with at least one article of clothing still on and the loser wearing zip. Axel claims everyone he wrestles wants to strip his clothes off--I can see that as a real possibility--but today he's up for it.

The two start off in workout clothes. We get a good look at the state of the two's mat grappling skills: arm bars, Boston crabs, scissors, snapmares, chinlocks, and such. Of course, it can't be a UCW match without some against-the-wall gut punches and a ball-twisting or two. For the record, Aron is back in full form, not a visible mark on him--and as speedy and limber as he was before the accident. And Axel, well, he's got that added muscle that's got all the fans abuzz--and, as usual, he puts it to good use.

I don't know if I'm sworn to secrecy, so I'll be cagey about where it goes from here. Suffice it to say we see skin on both wrestlers we probably haven't seen before. Not on the UCW mats, anyway. Shirts are off in the first six minutes. Nine minutes later they're both down to their underpants. That leaves just ten more minutes for one of these guys to scrape the sweat-soaked undies off the other. Nothing X-rated here, folks, just good clean fun, UCW style.


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