Gimme Jimmy

I instantly became a Jimmy Reilly fan after Jimmy's first match at Movimus. Catching wind of my new infatuation, the company sent me some additional still shots of Jimmy, which I then shared with you guys. A while later, I got a short video, totally unexpected, in which Jimmy gives me a personal shout-out and a private peek at his flexed muscles. I kept that to myself. It was, I reasoned, meant for my eyes only. I could hardly wait to see what would come my way next! 

Now, seven weeks and some days after his debut, Jimmy, 5'10", 190#, faces his second challenge in the person of Aron Stokes, 6', 164#, a familiar face, but new to Movimus, experienced in both competition and video wrestling. After watching Jimmy get trounced by the bigger and more experienced Brock Hammer, I'm happy to see him matched this time against someone in his weight class. The matchup gives me the chance to watch Reilly kick some butt, which he does. He takes Aron at the end of a strenuous first round, a victory that's somewhat blunted when Aron very quickly submits him in the second. Then, as if Jimmy, Aron, and Movimus had been reading my mail, the two fighters split the next two rounds, as well. These guys are like thisclose. 

It's a smartly shot video. Movimus has begun using two cameras to shoot each match, so the video cuts between two perspectives of the match, catching it from different angles and proximities, with some trick editing like slow motion (used sparingly) to give the action a touch of expressionism now and then. The montage thrusts viewers into the motion and emotion of grappling.

The last two minutes of the fifth and final round is a genuine nailbiter. "Genuine" as in unchoreographed submission wrestling, but again it's almost like Movimus has been reading my mind as well as my mail, somehow squeezing in my three favorite wrestling holds in a touch-and-go climax, with neither man the clear favorite till the last half-second. A prolonged armbar looks like it's going to do the trick. Then there's a seemingly impossible reversal that leads to a writhing headscissors. But the finisher is (and I have to love this) a sudden, intense, even murderous side headlock, which forces a frantic tap-out.

As Stay Puft put it in his Inner Jobber review of this match yesterday, "There's certainly no shame in losing here, and the winner definitely has to work for it!" This is very good work on the part of both wrestlers, a worthy debut for Aron and a vindication of my initial hunch that Jimmy is a new star in the making.


  1. Jimmy is like some peppers possessed of a moderate kind of hotness, but definitely hot. I'd like to watch a match.

    1. I watched the 2:00 promo in pix. I'd call him moderately hi hot, rather than just moderate.

      Now I know you prefer long, slow contact to quickness, but as much as I enjoyed Jimmy, I thought the action was excessively slow. Just somewhat greater speed? This reminded me a bit of the TV matches I watched as a kid when I could take a bathroom break or read a short book chapter, and look up and see little change! Besides, the holds and the long contact often blocked the guys' bodies making it harder to appreciate that aforementioned degree of hotness

    2. Thank you for the response! I see your point. I like mat grappling, so I'm not as put off by the slow pace. I drift into a kind of meditative mood watching this type of wrestling, like watching a fire or falling snow--only unlike these analogies wrestling porns me up. Because wrestling as sport is less about showmanship, it has less to "show" of the wrestlers' bodies (except for the warmups at the beginning). Movimus's use of two cameras helps the situation somewhat, though. One wrestler blocking the view of another is not as irritating to me as when refs, managers, etc., block my view in pro wrestling, which is ALL about "show." Perhaps one reason pro wrestling doesn't provide as much tight, slow tangling as I would like is that the clenches inhibit the display of the bodies, except for specific, "showier" holds like abdominal stretches, armbars, headscissors, etc. (the parts of pro wrestling I like best).


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