Tumbl for You

So many great wrestling blogs on Tumblr. A visual feast every day. Let's start with just fourteen of my favorites.


  1. Some really wonderful images! Only lack in Submission is a better angle of the submitter. I don't usually care for masks, but Moves is some kind of alright. Sexy back in Rough House. An unappreciated inspiration for arousal. Peak is very fine. Any action shots for Macho? My favorite is Guilty Pleasure. There's a great story in that image!

  2. Gotta check out this list, haven't seen a lot of these. I'd also recommend for anyone who's interested to check out PiledriveU on tumblr, another addition I'd personally add to the list

  3. Joe as always you never fail to impress! A bit like your match reviews ... and your UCW reviews are invaluable as they don't post any. Also a big big thanks for these Wrestling Blogs links, really invaluable! I especially like your mentions of new wrestlers and links to YouTube clips etc. Well worth checking in for daily.


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