This one will keep you guessing, even though the title tells you what you ought to expect. Rock Hard Wrestling's Bad Boy Bashing starts off with Alex Waters making a cocky entrance all in black, including black leather jacket and black-rimmed shades. Ethan Andrews mocks him for being a stereotype, a self-parody of the arrogant biker boy and bully. Alex stays aloof, too cool for Ethan, too full of himself to bother with an opponent who has waited a long time to get his hands on him. I'm surprised it has taken RHW so long to pair these two up, since Ethan's raison-d'etre is to trounce muscly hot shots like Waters.

Ethan fires up fast. All it takes is one of Alex's crooked, white-toothed smiles, and Ethan is all over the guy. Alex is not used to being whipped like this, and he's none too happy about it, but for about half of Round 1, he has no choice but to take it.  When the handsome heel does turn the tables, I can almost see his pulse accelerate and the bloom rise in his cheeks as he stuns Ethan with a crippling arm bar. This is Alex's "happy space": causing others pain. But Ethan is tougher than his pale, slim build would suggest, and he regains control, forcing the fancy muscle boy to submit at round's end. But a more anemic submission I have never heard, the "I quit" of somebody who just woke up with hay fever, rather than somebody having his spine cracked in two. Somebody's looking pretty pouty all of a sudden. 

Ethan wants to finish in Round 2 what he started in Round 1, and Alex wants to avoid a replay of his recent humiliation. Ethan continues being the aggressor, but this round gives us more give and take between the two, warmed up now and each ready to put forth his best, by which I don't mean the prominent stretch at the crotch of Ethan's red tights. Speaking of which, though, we get a sense of the depth of Alex's depravity when, having landed Ethan's back to the mat, he stomps his opponent's impressively peaked and rock-hard knob. You will have to hear the screams for yourself. I lack the words to do them justice. This low blow leads to the events that bring the round to an end, and sets fans up for what promises to be one huge ass-kicking in Round 3.

And Round 3 lives up to the promise! Yet there are turns of fortune you might not see coming. I'm going to stay mum on the details.  I will say only this: a foreign object gets introduced into the ring--which I think might be a first for RHW--that leaves one of these warriors virtually blind for the rest of the match. An interesting development that may explain why Bob at RHW hinted in a recent email, "This is likely a feud that will continue."

This could get very interesting.


  1. I hope that Alex was victorious! Ethan is one of my least favorite wrestlers. He deserves anything Alex threw at him.

  2. This is one of those comments that's late because I had to hold off reading your column until now. My RHW collection is mostly every match featuring Jake Jenkins and/or Alex Waters in singles action, so purchasing this download was a no-brainer for me. It just took me this long to finish it

    I loved it. Alex Waters is awesome, as usual. Great action, contrasting body types and both stayed true to their cocky personae they've established.

    A couple of surprises for me ... I thought I would like Alex more when he's suffering, especially against someone like Ethan (prettyboy muscleheel getting his ass kicked by skinny bad boy). However, I actually preferred him when he was in the dominant role. Admittedly, it's partly because he's a little flat when he's on the receiving end, but mostly he's just so good at dishing out punishment and attitude. And I always prefer trunks, but here, I really liked Ethan in tights. The look suited him.

    So definitely a winner for me. Alex remains firmly entrenched on my must download list.

  3. You're right, Alex. It looks like Alex (the other Alex) no-sells a lot of Ethan's moves and holds, which may mean Alex dislikes Ethan as much as Almatolmen apparently does or else he just can't express the agony of defeat as beautifully as the joy of kicking another guy's butt. I may need to rewatch some of Alex's matches against other opponents before I make any rash judgments. For now, though, I lean towards believing he's just at his best in the dominant role. It's certainly the role he's sold me on.

    1. I noticed it in a big (and negative) way in his singles match versus Jake Jenkins. I think Jake excels in both roles at RHW, so it makes it more noticeable when he's in the ring with someone who isn't. Jake would tell Alex to scream, which could be banter, but I took as reminders, because he literally did nothing when he was supposed to be in a painful hold.

      He's a really good heel and I have bought all his singles matches, so I'm not really complaining. It's just something I've noticed.


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