UCW-Wrestling's latest championship match [#342] is pretty much everything you want from a UCW match, including being something of a mess. Challenger Nick Diesel and champ Michael Hannigan pull out the stops in an always precarious, frequently raunchy no-holds-barred fight to the finish. At the end, the loser is knocked clean the fuck out (so knocked out, in fact, that Ref Axel feels compelled to ensure that he's still breathing), and the victor is in not much better shape. 

Along the way we get the requisite strangling, gut punching, and ball grabbing, with the added bonus of Nick's bag of rope tricks, including an ass-flossing close to the halfway point that raises the bar on going too far. I like these guys: Diesel is a savage on the mats, with an esoteric taste for bondage, and Hannigan has risen from "much improved" status to a force to be reckoned with. The guy has worked his butt off to prove he is worthy of the belt and taken on every conceivable challenger Bodyslam could push onto the mat with him.

As you might hope, there's a spectacular rope-a-dope finish, or rather "false finish," since, as is often the case at UCW, chaos reigns, and nothing is ever as simple, neat, and clean as it should be. The last two minutes will leave you feeling either gypped or exhilarated, depending on your tolerance for disarray, though  I'll say this much: you will at least be reasonably sure who is the champion ... just brace yourself for a major WTF moment, too.


  1. Hannigan is truly one of my favorites and I've bought most of the videos he's been in. I really miss some of the gutpunching and trunk pulling that has not been seen in his past few matches, which is why I did not purchase the past couple he's been in.

    I purchased this one, but again no trunk pulling.

    As far as the ending, I was legitimately not happy and did a WTF?


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