Dirty Daddy Beats Up a Pretty Little Girl


Guido Genatto is fast becoming one of my favorite heels at BG East. Under another name, he instantaneously became my favorite at another promotion almost five years ago. Now he's taking his show underground, where there are no limits to the mayhem he can wreak. Though he started off at BGE late last fall in a fairly even match against Flash LaCash, it was natural for him to look for prettier skin to traumatize.  Skin doesn't come much prettier than Kip Sorell's, and Guido's cavalcade of abuse keeps that tan skin squirming, very nearly clean out of the rookie's shimmery tangerine bikini. 

The Jobberpaloozer series might as well have been tailor-made for Guido. He opens Jobberpaloozer 13 by kicking in the side of Kip's face ("Stupid little fuck," he grunts, all finishing-school charm) and then wrenching the jobber's left arm almost in a circle and out of its socket, as if he has been pulverizing Disney princes since he was a tyke. 

As I have said before, many times, I'm not naturally a fan of the heel-jobber dyad or squash matches, but over the past several years I have learned to appreciate the art form while not feeling a sure erotic tug towards it. But to the extent I have transcended my limitations in this area, my progress is attributable to BG East ... and guys like Guido, real masters of the game, who, with little apparent effort, make pummeling a cream-puff that's 70 pounds lighter look like a party I'd like to be invited to. "Kicking your ass is too much fun!" Guido exults at one point in his nonstop decimation of Kip, and he says it like he means it.

He had me at "Look me in the fucking eyes while you beg!" Roared, not spoken. Last Man Standing may have introduced Guido to the BGE universe, but in Jobberpaloozer 13 he makes it his home. He seems determined to make Kip regret his decision to become a wrestler, and that much he accomplishes fairly early in the match. The rest of the match is spent basically making sure the pretty boy won't walk again for a few months. The ring is Guido's "fucking world," and Sorell's mistake is imagining he had any business being there, except as, to quote Man Ray, an "Object to Be Destroyed"!

When Kip is at his most hapless, Guido admires his own reflection in the mirror, saying, "That's what they want. They don't want you. You're so pathetic. They want the big dirty daddy. They don't want the little piece of shit." Most of Guido's barrage of potty-mouthed insults question the "cocksucking" rookie's masculinity, calling him "pretty girl" and "little bitch." Indeed, Kip is as adorable as Guido is abominable. In full raging-bull mode, Guido doesn't recognize Kip even as a man, much less as a respectable adversary. 

Maybe Kip grows his curly hair specifically to make it as tempting as possible to yank. I, for one, would not be able to stop myself. But as Guido indiscriminately blasts away at every body part, it stands to reason, then, that all of Kip's luscious physique (limbs, back, throat, nostrils, butt, balls) were designed expressly to be destroyed. If BG East had the eugenic technology to custom build the perfect hapless jobber, they couldn't do better than Kip. Against all expectations, the guy, jawdroppingly gorgeous to begin with, looks only better the more Guido roughs him up. And you should hear the noise! Sorell screams and screams and screams and screams. Enough to raise goose bumps.

Fans of the squash and the Jobberpaloozer series can't afford to miss this match. Those, like me, who prefer an even give-and-take match can still enjoy the eye candy--165 pounds of sugar-coated confectionery in hardly-there orange briefs--as well as the spectacle and bravura performance of Guido Genatto, all but foaming at the mouth and ripping the ring apart with his bared teeth.


  1. Beautiful Kip! Macho Guido! As arrogant as it sounds, I feel like they made this match specifically for me. Definitely looks great!

  2. I saw Kip's debut match against Kid Karisma and I am hooked, I can't wait to see many more beatings laid on this beauty.

  3. Yes! Keep the squash jobs coming with that boy toy beauty Kip S. He looks so amazing in pro gear.
    Future Villians, Please crank on a tight side headlock and work it for us headlock fans. He's been destroyed nicely in his pro matches by masterful Villians but not one side headlock:(


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