Gazebo Grapplers 16, Part 3

Where do these guys come from? BG East has found another strapping looker who wrestles: Carter Alexander, 6'1", 184#.  And if Carter's tattooed muscle is not enough of an enticement, there's Jake Jenkins. The two start off in singlets for freestyle wrestling, a style that at first minimizes the new guy's size advantage. As expected, Jake takes an easy, assured lead. I think I can see where this is heading. But then Carter proves as good a mat grappler as he is an object of beauty. Just like Jake. Now all bets are off.

And about that Jake: I liked his old quiet and sullen attitude, but his cockiness here is a nice surprise. I noticed it here especially after a rough (but clean) first round, when Carter slips the singlet straps down. Amused, Jake responds sarcastically, "Whoa, the straps are coming off! Ooo, I can do that too, buddy. Yeah, you wait!" and peels his gear down to the waist. Jake has always been a good mat wrestler, one of BGE's best. But I mainly associated him with a cool, laid-back style, which I liked and still do like. I just didn't realize he had this kind of sass in him. 

His fight against the newcomer is anything but laid back. Carter is that one-in-a-thousand newcomer who starts off as strong as a more seasoned wrestler. Happily, Jake is in no mood to roll over and play dead for this presumptuous youngster (with definite heel potential, by the way). Eventually, the singlets come off, leaving the boys in snug, curve-highlighting wrestling briefs. The fight gets rougher, the more skin gets exposed. And I have no complaints about the skin.

Both wrestlers are cocky as hell. And there's no telling who is going to come out on top. The action does not slow down. Not for a second. Jake and Carter get more revved up (and fight dirtier) as the battle progresses. And it progresses nonstop to an agonizing submission hold that comes damn close to being a knockout. This is exactly the kind of all-out, balls-to-the-wall, give-and-take match I'm always going on and on about. Fitting closure to a must-see DVD.


  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one. I have all Jake's RHW matches and I think that he's pretty cocky in those, especially against rookies. I think it's part of his charm. In BGE, I've only seen him against Kid Karisma, but he was more of (an incredibly sexy) wrestling dummy in that one, with little to no personality. It'll be nice to see him get more of a chance to shine. Because you can't download from BGE, I don't see many of their matches anymore, but this one really looks worth the inconvenience.


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