He Had It Coming

I like wrestling in underwear because it's pretty much how guys wrestled away from school when I was growing up and because I like the feel of cotton better than the feel of spandex. (Cotton breathes, it gives, it rips, it's practically transparent when damp.) I don't have a fetish for particular brands, but if I did, it probably would be for old-school BVDs and Fruit of the Looms, maybe even scented with a little Hai Karate or English Leather.

BG East's Undagear series presents real submission wrestling with a touch of pro-wrestling sass. And although I never wrestled on proper wrestling mats at home or in the dorm room, I sometimes did wrestle in skivvies on a rug or a foam mattress. The series captures the kind of wrestling that's accessible to most of us. Fancy gear and a raised wrestling ring with ropes and posts are for the gods, perhaps. A plain mat and cotton briefs are for every man.

In BG East's Undagear 21 (now out on DVD--and VOD on The Arena @BGEast), Z-Man takes to the mat against Eli Black. For some reason, I had thought that these two wrestlers had faced off before, either at BGE or Rock Hard. Evidently I was mistaken. I'm surprised nobody had thought of this pairing before now. Zack and Eli have never looked better, their physiques tight and sleek as Formula 1 race cars. They wear their trendy underwear well.

The Z-Man has the advantage in size and weight, and he uses it to great effect in getting Eli to tapout early in the match. But as his fans know, Black is anything but a delicate twink you can do whatever you want to. You push Eli, and he pushes back. The rest of the match is not so easy for (or on) Z-Man. The fight's outcome is no surprise, but there are times when a surprise would be just too hard to swallow. If you know anything about these two guys, you can probably guess who wins--though how the win plays out may still come as a surprise.


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