Not a Mark on Beautiful Bobby Bluejay

Who's the preening pretty boy in the baby-blue gear? It's "Beautiful" Bobby Bluejay, one of my favorite pro wrestling heels on the indie circuit today, though I've seen only four or five of his matches on YouTube (one against a giant banana--talk about symbolism!) and most of them shot through a dirty lens from somewhere behind the concession stand--mostly shows for Fight the World Wrestling out of New York. 

Bobby, 5'10", 194#, makes a grand entrance, his eyes unable to tear themselves away from his reflection in a hand mirror. I have seen much better footage of his wrestling under another name for a promotion often covered on this blog and Inner Jobber *, but I'm especially taken with Bobby as a vain, dolled-up heel who flaunts the fact that there's not a mark on his face or luscious physique. It's almost as if the guy is asking for it. What a great provocation for any wrestler (or giant banana) worth his salt!

His inspirations appear to be 80s wrestlers of my generation, like The Ultimate Warrior and Rick "The Model" Martel. He looks like a life-size Stretch Armstrong toy brought to life, which, along with his narcissism and pampered insouciance, goads even me to want to punch his lights out ... and I'm a fan.

* A hint.


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