Parts and Labor

I am shocked and appalled that I have never posted on these two wrestlers before. I have liked them for years, Exavier, 5'9", 185#, for his vanity and craven opportunism (a heel archetype I have always enjoyed seeing punished in the wrestling ring), Paul Hudson, 5'7", 145#, for his speed and aggressiveness (not your typical babyface, rather an instinctive sadist who likes to vent his rage, particularly on those who have a good ass-whipping coming to them). Together in BG East's Ringwars 22, they play out my top favorite theme in professional wrestling: the meting out of justice, enacted with all the gravitas of Greek tragedy.

Perhaps there are prettier wrestlers ... that is, if a ring setting, washboard abs, and tight gear define everything you mean by "wrestler." But if by "wrestler" you mean somebody who knows the holds, plays every moment like Stanislavski, and makes the squared circle roll like thunder, you need to check out Hudson and Exavier. These hardworking grapplers are wrestlers' wrestlers, and they don't need to shed a stitch to make wrestling sexy. This match catches them at the top of their game. And if, like me, you are turned on by wrestling, tough sweaty wrestling, at least as much as (and usually more than) the sight of fitness models striking wrestling poses, you won't want to miss this fight (now available as VOD on The Arena @BGEast, coming soon to DVD).

Here's what we got in this match (a main eventer anywhere else, but in Ringwars 22 just one of four gritty and spectacularly tough contests):
  • chops and holds that you can feel the impact of as vividly as if you too were against the ropes, 
  • focused punishment of a single limb that effectively demolishes the opponent, 
  • sudden but altogether persuasive reversals of fortune, 
  • action that spills outside the ropes to ringside, and
  • a give-and-take third round whose outcome is impossible to call,
  • in which both contestants fight through the agony of injured limbs, leading to
  • an unforeseeable and unforgettable finale.
In my opinion, BG East could money-back guarantee you a boner and never have to pay a cent on this match.


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