It's been almost three years since I last paid homage to New Jersey wrestler Chris D'Andrea in these pages. Fortunately, Don, one of the people who "Like" the Ringside at Skull Island page on Facebook, alerted me to this cache of Mark Engel photographs of the April 26th Jersey Championship Wrestling show, in which Chris battled jabroni Nicky Oceans (who now partners with Chris's ex, Mike Dennis). This match starts at the 29th slide in the queue. Chris is in peak condition here, gentlemen. Some quick Internet research suggests that Chris's dance card has remained unmarked for a couple of years, so perhaps he left pro wrestling to concentrate on competition bodybuilding. Anyway, it's great to see him back in the ring. Too bad I can't find any video of this match, but, as Don pointed out, JCW does produce DVDs of its shows, so perhaps it's just a matter of time ...


  1. I knew it would be a good post from the title. It did not disappoint.


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