Hoss Fight

Yesterday Eli Jav linked me to this match between two triple-stacked beef-giants for World Wrestling Council (WWC). The anniversary bout occurred a couple of years ago in Ponce, Puerto Rico. The (then) newly signed técnico Chris Angel (6'3", 240#) takes on brawler Black Pain (6'9", 389#) in a beginning-to-end rock-em-sock-em-style faceoff. 

In the 1990s I lost interest in the WWF "attitude-era" version of brawn-versus-brawn, though I was fascinated (still am) with Stone Cold Steve Austin and (somewhat later) Bill Goldberg, 8x10 glossies of whom now festoon the hallway leading to my bedroom. For some reason, this match works better for me. It seems to hark back to an older tradition.

Eli had this to say about Chris: "A real big boy, this kinda body oozes sex appeal for me (one of many I suppose), and a cute young babyface." As for me, I like the man's thick shoulders and hard tub of belly, a fixation since I first saw Dino Bravo in the 1970s (not to be confused with the more common pillowy tits and tummies of wrestlers of that era). It's a fine little match, full of drama, highlighted by a 30-second groaning bearhug struggle (beginning at the 3:25 mark) and a strangulation-countered-with-a-piledriver climax that satisfies me on at least a couple of levels.


  1. You've certainly hit the target with your words again Joe! "Hard tub of belly" really drives home what I find sexy. I do like his arms and legs too. Well those fall under "big boy" I suppose. Back to the abs though ... I definitely see the relation to Steve Austin who had lines and a beer belly (so jealous!). Chris Angel is the same: the gut protrudes, but is solid muscle. I hesitated calling them abs, which says something about our culture, but that's what they are and oh so hot!

    I hope we see more of him. He's the first wrestler I've typed who doesn't autocomplete in Youtube's search bar (it always tries to correct to "criss angel"). He certainly deserves it!

  2. Gotta have big guys like Chris Angel. And holy crap, that bearhug...!


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