Tumbl for You 5

More eye candy for lovers only. Spot any obsessions? Yeah, well, there's the beauteous and evil Prince Devitt three times, but I've also got a surly Bobby Roode, a raging Chris Dickinson, and a sleepy Seth Rollins (and pal). There are bears and teen bodybuilders, too, both vintage and new. Jack Slammer's Tumblr blog has become something of an obsession of mine. Lately I've been raiding it for pictures and laser-hot captions for my Aggronaut! page. I only recently rediscovered jockohomo on Tumblr, which I followed back in my MySpace days. Tumblr continues to be my best relaxation exercise since I gave up channel-surfing. Maybe there's something here you'll like.


  1. Wish I knew who the stud with the lovely quads of I Want That Bear was. Bobby Roode is always hot. That's Devitt with the Joker paint? I wonder what his gimmick was with all the body paint and comic hero references

  2. I've added Prince Devitt Wrestler to my homescreen. I liked looking at Überswol. The others I glanced at disappointed because what I saw wasn't as good as the images you used. Especially I used to be straight. I was hoping to see lots more of the bicep poser.


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