He has been compared to the great Kevin Von Erich--and not just by me (whose KVE fetish turns 35 this year), but by Jonny fuckin Firestorm! It's not just that Jake Jenkins sometimes wrestles barefoot in the ring. It's not just his consummate knowledge of wrestling holds. It's his rare ability to shine both in triumph and in suffering. That and his astonishing good looks. For three years he's been an obsession of mine, from the first time I saw him, in his smug beatdown of Cliff Johnson at Rock Hard Wrestling, to a month ago, in his heartbreaking and cock-swelling destruction at the hands of mega-heel Guido Genatto at BG East. If Ringside at Skull Island had a Hall of Fame, Jenks almost certainly would count among its first inductees. Here are my ten favorite Jake Jenkins matches, a starter kit for those of you who, like me, adore this wrestler (and an invitation to comment for those of you, already well stocked on the Jenkins oeuvre, who might have composed this list differently).

Hunkbash 12 (2011), with Kid Karisma

Summer Sizzlers 2 (2011), with Austin Cooper

Undagear 20 (2013), with Marco Carlow

RHW Catalog 8 (2011), with Eli Black

Fantasymen 34 (2011), with Joah Bindao

Mat Rookies 1 (2012), with Eli Black (again)

Gazebo Grapplers 13 (2012), with Jayden Mayne

RHW Catalog 6 (2011), with Trent Novak, Austin Cooper, and Cliff Johnson

Jobberpaloozer 12: The Works (2012), with Jonny Firestorm

Demolition 17 (2014), with Guido Genatto


  1. The list is on point. That same versatility you mention above is what makes anything Jake Jenkins far beyond good in my book.


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