Movimus just put out a rematch between Kevin Harris, 6'2", 200#, and Jimmy Reilly, 5'10", 196#. I don't know who to root for. Both have features that pull me in, though to opposing directions. Kevin has the sharp-angled face of a young Rob Estes (a 1990s crush of mine) and (always a selling point) hairy forearms. In contrast to Kevin's clean-cut looks, Jimmy has dark scruffy hair and firm but voluptuous curves. Jimmy's part rockstar, part jungle lord, while Kevin personifies steely, warrior-like discipline. Physically the two epitomize the eternal struggle between order (Kevin) and chaos (Jimmy). Competition doesn't get more perfect (or Manichean) for me.

The twenty minutes speed by, with five falls spaced more or less equally apart. Kevin and Jimmy never come up for air, keeping the pressure on each other and always jockeying for control of the other. Kevin is mouthier than I remembered, but of the two Jimmy is the more vocally expressive, infusing the chess-like strategies of submission wrestling with the showmanship of pro-wrestling. Kevin can handle just about anybody on a wrestling mat, and Jimmy's no exception, as shown in their first faceoff five months ago. He doesn't mind reminding Jimmy of that fact, with percipient challenges like "I know what you're trying to do" and "You ain't getting out of this one."

Jimmy has one or two surprises for Kevin along the way, but mostly Kevin lords it over Jimmy, keeping the latter's raggedy ass in check. The two bodies are in nearly constant physical contact, limbs twisting into seemingly limitless kaleidoscopic variations. Probably the best compliment I can pay to either of these guys (or to anyone) is that he looks like he'd be fun to wrestle. The fun grows exponentially when the two are locked together and twisting gingerly like a couple of black mambas mating. Part Two of Harris-versus-Reilly is so good I immediately hit replay for more. And I'll be back for even more soon.


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