Johnny O

Krush fanatics, rejoice! Krush is back in action in a brand new space on a brand new mat. What's more, he faces his old nemesis of three years ago, the awe-inspiring Johnny O, who brings thick leg muscles, iron-hard biceps, and he-man pecs to Krushco's time-honored tradition of unadulterated submission wrestling. It's great to see Krush, in his best shape in years, having to sweat it against a wrestler equal to him in size and skill. 

And in terms of picture resolution and tight editing, this 20-minute contest is the company's best looking video to date. The space is open and brightly lit, and the camera tripod has been swapped for a real live cameraman, who follows every twist and grunt of the contest.

Krush nearly knocks Johnny O out with a choke in the first three minutes, but then he thinks better of it, deeming his time better spent in jabbing his knee repeatedly to O's kidney. Two minutes later, though, Johnny shows Krush that he's not the pushover he was in 2011, and the action is give-and-take for the next fifteen minutes, with the ultimate victor taking two falls out of three.

Johnny not only looks good (the definition of "handsome brute") but also supplies cogent vocals in the video's grueling third act. It opens as Johnny O, seething over something or other, clamps Krush in a headlock that's pure-P punishment. We all know Krush won't take this lying down, but by this point we also know Johnny's got the nuts to do just about anything he wants to.


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