The Annihilation of Quinn?

Nobody sells other wrestlers' holds more passionately than Quinn Harper, and when he's dishing out the pain he makes it substantive enough that even the most poker-faced performer yowls like King Lear in the last act. In his latest match at UCW-Wrestling [#368], he finds out what it's like to be on the hurting end of aggression as strident as his own. For the first half of the match, the Spartan he-man Marcus Ares almost literally tears The Mighty Quinn a new asshole.

This is some of the roughest and hottest action we've yet seen from Marcus. Nothing in his run-ins with Axel and Aron prepares us for the level of mayhem on display in this solid 31-minute smash-up against one of the most devious and dangerous bad boys on the UCW roll. For sixteen minutes he doesn't let Quinn come up for air.

The competition here is all the sharper since Quinn Harper looks like a shoo-in for the championship belt, and this match is supposedly the first onramp to "the road to the championship" after Eli Black's bizarre and cataclysmic championship defense in July. (The twists and turns these past few months have flown right over my head, but somehow the belt is currently worn pro tempore by UCW founder BodySlam--to whom Marcus Ares bears a resemblance, I think, especially those mischievous eyes.) 

The match has a few of the typical features of UCW matches of the past, but there's a lot of innovation going on here too. Marcus starts things off by shoving Quinn to the mat, very nearly splattering him against the concrete wall (that comes later--and not just once--see the fourth photo above). Using his height and weight advantage, he continues to have his way with the blond firebrand for, as I said, well over half the match. 

Will it be annihilation or victory snatched from the jaws of defeat for Quinn Harper? This could be a grand upset in a year already brimming with UCW surprises, or Quinn may catch a break and get his mojo back for an epic finish and some sweet vengeance against the overbearing rookie.  This is UCW, men, so anything could happen.


  1. As you're aware, I'm no big fan of UCW. But I like the look of Ares (is he a Scorpio? :) ). I hope he completes the annihilation that is well underway here. From the other posts I've seen him in, no one deserves it more.


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