Aron versus Ares

The latest UCW match (#363) ends with a long, humiliating small package pin. Before that, the contest's highlights for me are the opening, during which Aron has a discernible facial expression (a beaming smile, no less, as he trash-talks his opponent), and thereafter every tight closeup of Marcus "The Spartan" Ares' hairy, muscular thighs. 

To my eyes, the climactic pin looks hinky, one shoulder appearing to be a good two inches off the mat. I could be mistaken, so I will rely on sharper eyes than mine for a final verdict. Here's where a ref might have been useful. Still, I am pleased to see a pin fall decide the contest (somewhat rare these days), in contrast to the more common knockouts and pleading submissions (which I do like too).

As for Aron's initial high spirits, they come at the price of also glimpsing his narrow-minded side, thus pushing me to cheer for Marcus to win. (I didn't really need a nudge to be in Ares' corner. The thighs pretty much did the trick.) Aron has previously been more a technical wrestler than a showman, never one to project much personality on the mat. While it's nice to see him come out of his shell a little, his appeal mainly stems from his smooth applications of wrestling holds.

In the opener, Aron slights Marcus's Greek heritage and manly beard. To be fair, Marcus does strike first, wondering aloud about Aron's unusual name. The two circle each other seemingly for-ev-er, while Aron processes the information that wrestlers don't have to look like 11-year-old altar boys and Marcus puzzles out the missing A is Aron's name. 

Once the action starts, though, the wrestlers put on their best fight faces and get down to business. This is UCW, so the business is more than wrestling, namely the infliction of trauma and humiliation upon an opponent's body: head butts, piledrivers, cock wringing, and even eye gouging ... it's all here. 

Still new at UCW, Marcus is at first cautious about safety, at one point checking an impetuous move that might have bashed Aron's head against the cinderblock wall. Silly him not to realize that bashing brains out is expected at UCW. He turns more reckless as the match progresses--for instance, it is he who, at a key moment late in the match, plunges his thumbs into Aron's eye sockets! 

Rashness and brutality are how the game is played here. Beyond that plain fact, this match gives us more insight to new recruit Ares' evolving persona and a reminder that, behind his usual air of diffidence, Aron may actually be a bit of a dick.


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