Dolan vs Anderson

Max Anderson takes on newcomer Jayson Dolan in Movimus's most recent release. The two are closely matched in height and weight, yet pointedly different in body image. Clean-cut Max is slightly taller, with a typical collegiate wrestler's physique.  Jayson looks more blue collar than ivy league, strongly built with a lower center of gravity. Max is the more experienced, but Jayson is the hungrier, determined to make his mark in this his third Movimus appearance.

Jayson finds it difficult to match Max's moves and the fluidity with which Max cool-headedly glides from one hold to the next. Max, in turn, is blocked time after time by Jayson's bulldog muscle, and the rookie busts loose from those holds and gradually wears Max down. The first fall, a very reluctant submission, happens after a tense, five-minute struggle between two apparent equals. 

Jayson evidently finds it easy to overpower Max, but lacks the experience and perhaps training needed for a proper submission. Jayson probably knows how he might take Max in the back alley, but here in the well-regulated setting of mats and cameras he's not sure what to do with Max's long and well-muscled arms and legs. Here Jayson's raw nerve and reckless energy make up for the difference in his and his opponent's experience. And, as he has proved in his previous bouts, he's a quick learner.

Eight minutes into the battle, and the wrestlers are tied 1:1. This sets up a particularly suspenseful final five minutes, somewhat marred by the intermittent off-camera chatter, loud enough to pose a distraction for the wrestlers ... and viewers of this video. But Max and Jayson concentrate on taking the other guy down. Short stretches of stalemate cause tempers to flare. Everything hangs on the final fall.


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